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What the Grammys Gave Us

What did the Grammys actually give us last night? A glimpse into the future.

Certainly it was an array of the full range of musical expression and a synthesis of the most unlike forms of music: Take Metallica and Lang Lang: Who could have guessed?  Who would have believed they could play on the same stage?  It was a musical marriage that no one could have foreseen.


…And then there was another kind of marriage that the Grammys gave to the world last night:

ADDITION The 56th Ann_Cham640Audience members participate in a same-sex wedding during a performance of “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the 56th annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Thirty-three straight and gay couples lined the aisle dressed in wedding finery. They exchanged rings near the end of Sunday night’s show televised on CBS.

It was a glimpse of the realization of the great American experiment of democracy and equal rights. It was the real meaning of “All men are created equal.”

That’s the way it’s going be everywhere someday.

No doubt, the extreme right will try to stop it; but they can only slow it down, just the way they slowed down every progressive movement on the trajectory of equality:

Women’s right; minority rights; gay rights…and any other “rights” struggle that doesn’t conform to their rigid beliefs.

I hope I live to see what I saw at the Grammys in every town, in every city, in every country on Earth:

The commitment of love, called marriage: Color-blind, Gender-blind, every-difference-among-the human-race blind.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


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5 thoughts on “What the Grammys Gave Us

  1. Love this, John – I hope, like you, that I am around long enough to see this vision come to fruition. I love that the younger generation is demanding these changes – that’s powerful, isn’t it?

  2. Andrew Paterna on said:

    hi John… great comments…. the time has come for ALL to share in the equality that was the dream of this country! very powerful performances last night and the wedding ceremony was the best!

  3. What I saw on the Grammy show last night was nothing new. It was just an example of Hollywood exploiting yet another “cause” for their own benefit. I believe the producers realized they needed to keep all generations of music fans watching; what better way than to mix the past and future. As far as the gay weddings, just another ruse so hollywood can push its own agenda. Hollywoods sole purpose it to MAKE $$$$. To do this they MUST convince everyone to accept whatever subject they choose to make movies about. Thats why the current trend is commercials on TV featuring bi-racial and same-sex couples. I truly believe” in live and let live”. Whatever floats your boat is fine with me. The problem I have with the show, it does not hold to the standards it pretends to. Listening to LL Cool J one would think all the social change that has occurred was their doing. It was and is the spirit of all the activist involved in each of the given movements that brought about any change. Certainly not the ramblings of the self-possessed, self-adoring, egotistical celebrities of the entertainment world.

    • It’s hard to argue against your points Gerry; but my post really had more to do with a scene of people getting married, regardless of gender or race shown all over the world. While the motive of the Grammys could be called into question; the scene was self-explanatory, and only a popular venue like the Grammys could raise public awareness like this.

  4. Ed Ciurczak on said:

    Nice job! Music is BIG business and with that I question their sincerity. Not the artist who paint with sound and prose but the “job creators?” Follow the money. At this level it becomes the United States of Agenda.
    I believe that good and the will of the people is the future.

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