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It’s Only a Matter of Time…

The free press. Nixon learned what it can do. And he was a savvy politician. A political neophyte like Trump is no match for the Press. Reporters are everywhere, watching, like a dog with a bone, ever vigilant to expose his secret machinations. They shine the “floodlights” on his every act, exposing him to the American people. His pathetic characterization of the “fake news” media is laughable. It only drives them harder.

Then there is Congress. Transforming before our eyes, flexing its legislative muscle. It happened during Watergate, when loyalty to a political party slipped away in favor of patriotism. It’s happening again.

It was the foresight of Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton and others to protect the people by placing Congress on an equal footing with the presidency, to limit the power of the president…as if they knew that Russia would be coming someday.

Exposed by the Press; handcuffed by Congress, Trump now stands naked in front of the investigative and prosecutorial dream team led by Robert Mueller. It’s only a matter of time…



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