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The Italian Caricature Endure$

If Italians were sponges, Hollywood and television producers would be squeezing the last drop of criminality “water” out of the them. I’m not naïve. It $ells. They make a bundle. The public loves this. I get it. But all Italian-Americans pay a price, however subtle, for this abomination of our culture.

These greedy producer$ have exploited the infinitesimal number of Italians who live like those in the $oprano$ (including the future release of a movie) and Goodfella$ and this new “$taten Island Hu$tle” TV series and splattered all of us with this broad brush of caricature paint.


It is hard to imagine that they could produce shows like this about any other ethnic group and get away with it. Tragically, many Italians buy into these portrayals, because they watch and laugh and even revel in these “heroic” portrayals of us. Don’t you care?

If you’re old enough, you’ll know about the discrimination your grandparents faced…because they were “prone” to criminality, and because they weren’t quite “white” enough. If you’re a thinking person, you know it’s true.



We are everywhere. We have both political and consumer power to do something about this continued defamation of our heritage.

Reject this damaging caricature of us. Wake up and take action now!



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