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Long John Peg-Tooth

No matter what they say about getting a pain-free tooth extraction these days, this is what I have in my mind’s eye:


And if that’s not bad enough to make me want to swallow a bottle of Xanax, it’s one of my front teeth. But it has to be yanked out. I have a raging infection. It’s like I have microscopic piranhas in my mouth eating away at my jawbone.


After the yanking, I need a bone graft to strengthen my weakened jawbone. The dentist said he uses cadaver bones. So I’ll have a dead person’s bone in my mouth. Why does this come to mind?


They gave me a “flipper,” what a cute word for a fake tooth. This is on the way to a dental implant. This is a happy occasion, the dentist said. It should look like this:


But I can’t help thinking it will look like this… Long John Peg-Tooth?


But back to the yanking. I see myself tomorrow, waiting for the dentist, who is armed with AK-47 plyers…


I know. It’s only a tooth. So I’ll enjoy my last day with that front tooth…by biting into a hard, honey crisp apple.


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5 thoughts on “Long John Peg-Tooth

  1. Nick Bereschak on said:

    I feel your pain. I broke a bottom front tooth two weeks ago. The one next to it is decayed so that and the broken one are getting yanked tomorrow. In their place will be a temporary bridge for two weeks and then a permanent one in 6 weeks when the swelling subsides.

    To borrow from the Stones: What a drag it is getting old.

    Bon chance!

  2. John Bonando on said:

    So true ….. so true
    Great presention of the truth.

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