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That’s ridiculous, you say. Who would put a pesticide in a Frappuccino? No one would; but it seeps in, hitching a ride on the farm to table passageway. Here’s how: A cow, if its lucky enough to be grazing these day, eats green grass protected by glyphosate, the killing agent in Roundup, ℅ the king of the genetically modified organism, Monsanto.


The farmer milks his cow and goes to market. Starbucks buys his milk and that milk is transported to your neighborhood Starbucks Café and finds its way into your coffee, and then a smiling Starbucks Barista serves that milk – and ice cream – to you…in a Frappuccino.


You don’t believe it, you say. It’s a stretch. And you reason that even if we’ve been getting small doses of Roundup, our bodies would build up an immunity to it. Isn’t that how vaccines work? Except that Roundup isn’t a virus. It’s a chemical with one objective: TO KILL. And your immune system is helpless against it.


Oh. You already use Roundup on your lawn? And you love the one-touch wand that you aim at whatever you want to kill? You must have an exquisite lawn, because nothing can survive your Roundup “kill shots.” Not even you.

What? And you don’t believe it’s in our food? Roundup is running off your green lawn and lawns everywhere into water that you drink and use to cook. Could there be a splash of Roundup in your fettuccine alfredo?


Have you finished your Frappuccino now? It must have been delicious, as you inhaled it through the Starbucks environmentally sound green straw while you listened to the aesthetically pleasing piped-in Jazz.


And when you leave your neighborhood Starbucks Café, why not buy a Frappuccino to go? You can drink it at home while you watch Dancing with the Stars, certain that a splash of Roundup in you and all around you, couldn’t hurt you.


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