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Landing on Boardwalk

When you were playing Monopoly, you dreaded landing on Boardwalk if another player has raised the property value by adding three hotels. That could probably drive you into bankruptcy and out of the game.


Last Sunday, my wife Alexis and I came into Atlantic City on Pacific Avenue and passed one of the first abandoned hotels, the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel. Like dominoes, other casino hotels fell this year. We parked in an outside lot that was nearly deserted and ate, nearly alone, in Carmine’s Restaurant. There were a few people milling about outside, yet there was the quiet of emptiness, broken only by the occasional sound of human voices and cars going by.


In my mind’s eye, I could see a ghost town looming in the future, as the gamblers that once roamed the casinos and challenged “the house” at blackjack, craps and roulette left for casinos in other states. They won’t be back.


If the Monopoly game reflected the Atlantic City of today, you could land on Boardwalk and not face bankruptcy, because the hotels on the property had beaten you to it – they were bankrupt. So you could sail right by, pass Go, pick up a get-out-of-jail-free card, and try to win the game, even while the city on which it was based, was losing.


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2 thoughts on “Landing on Boardwalk

  1. Laura on said:

    Just this morning Gerry and I were discussing the subject of your blog. Is this the result of over-developing? How sad for all the workers who thought they had secure jobs. I guess no job is forever.

  2. This is a sad commentary on the moral character of corporate America. Once again the future and successor of an idea is betrayed by greed and selfishness. Surely the people who allowed such overdevelopment in Atlantic City had some insight to the possibilities of failure. All gov. agencies have data predicting the aging of Baby-Boomers. It does not take great acumen to see how as the population ages and the economy deteriorates the next generation will not have the disposal income to gamble with. Unfortunately the same people who pushed for such development are NOT the people out of work and suffering all that unemployment brings. Do you you think there are any captions of industry worried about paying their mortgage?

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