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The Meaning of “Wife.”

My wife is an artist. She finally recognizes that. I’ve known it for quite a while. So have others in her life. It’s her color schemes and shapes and lines, all hints of the beauty and complexity that fill her mind.


Her art adorns our living room, so I see her all around me. She speaks to me here, without words. I feel the quiet inside of her, like the depths of the ocean; and I feel her angst, like a swift-moving tide rushing onto the shore.


She tells me she can’t stop her mind from the never-ending thinking that keeps her awake at night. Thoughts come at her like a straight-line wind and make her heart pump wildly, in the misguided preparation of flight or fight.


 Yet from this turmoil is the wellspring for the creative bursts that free her.


Surrounded by her art, I’m in a satellite orbiting the spherical edges of her mind’s eye, peeking into its core, capturing glimpses of the unknowable parts of her, trying to build my understanding of her. It remains a work in progress…like her art.


Her art adds meaning to her life. She has found what she must do. And for me, her art teaches me about her, and the meaning of “wife.”



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4 thoughts on “The Meaning of “Wife.”

  1. Kenneth Bonavitacola on said:

    my sister’s accomplishments are diverse and awe-inspiring. in addition – she has always been a source of attracting the most wonderful people into her life. You are at the very top of that list!

  2. Ed Ciurczak on said:

    As you understand and discuss with your life partner, your life partner will understand you. It is about growing together as one. The archway to a new level of existence with your partner. Void of petty materialism and ego. A new level of love and acceptance.
    A truly beautiful read. Thank you!

  3. Nick Bereschak on said:

    Beauty in her person and art. You are a lucky man John.

  4. Maketa on said:

    This was very inspiring and downright mushy. I love any and everything about LOVE. I appreciate how you now know the meaning of “wife”. Thanks for sharing

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