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A 9/11 Memory

I still think about the people who jumped from the towers.  A report said they were going so fast when they hit the ground that the impact caused the blood in their smashed bodies to “splash” high into the air and create a pink film that hung in the air.

That image, more than any of the horrible images of that day, hasn’t left me because it was the result of the unthinkable choice each person had to make:  To be incinerated by the unbearable heat or to jump from so far above the Earth that survival was impossible.

But was it really a choice?  Did the searing heat make them jump, even though they knew it meant certain death? Was the pain so excruciating that they could only think about relieving the pain by jumping?

Witnesses said that some of the people held hands as they jumped.  I hope this gave them something when there was nothing left.



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One thought on “A 9/11 Memory

  1. Catherine Kirby on said:

    They didn’t know when they got up that morning that the day would end like that. So much courage and suffering that day and still the sadness and pain goes on.

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