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Why Surfers and Grant Writers are Alike

A surfer and a grant writer are a lot alike.  They need help to find success.

A surfer’s success is determined by the strength of a wave…

…and his skill in riding a surfboard on that wave.


A grant writer’s success is based on the strength of the strategic plan

…and his skill in writing a grant from that plan.


If a surfer is good, he maneuvers on the wave to extend his journey; if a grant writer is good, he maneuvers through the plan to create a compelling story.

A surfer can ride that wave nearly to beach, a surefire sign of success; a grant writer can ride that plan nearly to the doorstep of a funder, a surefire sign of success.

If  you put a surfer in a body of water without waves, the surfer just sits on his surf board and implores the water to produce a powerful wave;


If you put a grant writer in an organization without a plan, he just sits at his desk and implores the Board of Directors to produce a powerful plan.


A surfboard needs a rider and a wave; a grant needs a writer and a plan.

Surfers and grant writers are really so much alike. They can do wonders with a wave and a plan. Without them, they become victims of inertia.



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