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Where Have You Gone, Bert Parks?

Yes its true.  In a time when a historic twenty United States senators are women, on a day when half of the Punt, Pass, and Kick national winners are girls, young women still parade around in bikinis and high heels at the Miss America Pageant.

No different, it seems, then in the days when Bert Parks sang “There She Goes, Miss America…


On Saturday in Las Vegas, shapely, beautiful young women strutted around on a stage as always. Yet something changed:  And what changed is the distance they can strut once they leave the stage. That is very different than in Bert’s day.

When Bert Parks serenaded a victorious Miss America as she walked down the runway in the mid-twentieth century, she could then strut onto a narrow road with limited exits and without even knowing it, she just might strut right into a cul-de-sac… called a kitchen.


But in the intervening years, that road and its destination was so confining that there were loud cries for better roads with new destinations.  And the builders of those roads succumbed to the pressure, and so they created those new roads with more exits and more palatable destinations.

So in 2013, long after Bert Parks sang his last song, the newly crowned Miss America looks out onto the roads that await her.


And if she can negotiate the speed bumps, which are the remnants of the roads from the days of Bert Parks, she can strut right onto the freeway.

And once there…who knows?  She just might strut right into the Oval Office.




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One thought on “Where Have You Gone, Bert Parks?

  1. It’s partly because she is from Brooklyn

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