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The Long, Happy Life of a Christmas Tree

When I was young, I hated the end of Christmas and the holidays.  I used to think about ways to keep Christmas alive.  My favorite way was to become one with the Christmas tree.  I would stand in front of the Christmas tree and imagine that I could shrink into a miniature person and climb into the tree and live there for a while. And because no one could find me, my parents wouldn’t dare take the tree down until I emerged from the wilderness, like Robinson Crusoe.

So there I would be, hiding among the pine needles and moving stealthily from Christmas ornament to Christmas ornament.And if I hid there long enough…then, as an added bonus, I wouldn’t have to go back to school when the holidays were over.

That was a long time ago. About fifty Christmas trees have gone up and come down.  They all had the short, happy life of a Christmas tree…and all were gone during the first week of January.

But not this year. 

It hit me sometime after I had watched that annual “roll call” of dead people on TV.  You know, they play this profoundly sad music as they show you images of all the famous people who died this year. After that finality, I was determined that I wouldn’t allow Christmas to be final.

So my wife Alexis and I agreed to leave the tree up.  To break the “rules” of Christmas trees.  To live change. She still waters it…I still put the lights on every night.  There are still gift boxes under the tree. Incredibly, hardly any needles have fallen.  Our dog Sophia steals a Christmas ornament every now and then and we find them in other rooms. She, like us, doesn’t want Christmas to end.


We’re now nine days into the post holiday dead-of-winter season; but that’s what’s happening outside; inside…it’s still Christmas.

Each day is Christmas again. And right at the moment that I’m writing this last sentence, James Taylor is singing, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

We’re living the “The Power of Now,” as Eckart Tolle calls it. It’s Christmas in our house…Now!  And for as long as we want.

This year, we gave our tree, and ourselves, a gift:


The Long, Happy Life of a Christmas Tree  


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