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What I Owe Tony Robbins

While I lived in California a few years ago, I flew to Orlando, Florida from San Francisco for a four-day Tony Robbins event called “Unleash the Power Within.“

I was overflowing with energy and confidence and believed I could do anything during the event and after it was over. It was something I thought I could never do… that’s what made it even more special for me.

It was more than inspiring.  That “burst” of energy during the event lasted four days…that euphoria of walking across hot coals barefoot was exalting…


that soaring celebration of life that hovered in the hall like endless beautiful music was transforming…and that positivism of Tony Robbins, I truly believe, was a once in a lifetime experience.


After the event was over, I wanted to fly the fuckin’ plane back to San Francisco myself!  That’s how I felt.

I knew I could do anything after that.  After struggling for years to write with any consistency, I went back to The Napa Valley where my wife Alexis and I lived and feverishly wrote a 50,000 word novel in a month: It was NaNoWriMo – November, the national novel-writing month.  Then I wanted to get in shape, so I joined a gym and worked out vigorously everyday.

But alas…the fanfare of Orland dimmed and I couldn’t sustain my “edge” for long. It was the great challenge that Tony dares us to take.  The event was the kickoff; but we have to sustain it by playing the game for life,  just as we “played” at the event.

The experience for me was so powerful that it was just sitting in the archives of my brain and waiting for me to have the courage to release it into my life again.

And so I’m bringing it back.  I’m turning the memory of that four-day burst of energy I had in Orlando into a lifelong burst of energy to write.

I’m releasing the power within (Thanks Tony!).  I’m working myself into a peak state again. Because I failed to sustain it then doesn’t mean I will fail to sustain it now.

Your beliefs determines the action you take – or the inaction you rationalize. Thanks again Tony.

So now I just laugh at the excuses for not writing that assault me like a winter blizzard and forge ahead.


 The Napa Valley in Sunset


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2 thoughts on “What I Owe Tony Robbins

  1. This piece energized me! Some things are never forgotten; they just need a jump start again. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. you are a born writer. embrace your gift.

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