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My New Year’s Resolution: 5 Reasons for Writing

I’m going to write this year.  I know.  You’re already thinking:  Isn’t this the guy whose Twitter profile claims that “I write unfinished fiction?” You would be within your rights to say that I’m full of crap about writing in 2013!

I’m going to write this year.  I know.  You’re thinking this is a smidgeon more meaningful than saying I’m going to breathe this year. Write what?  How much?  How often? I could literally write one sentence all year and then claim that I achieved my New Year’s resolution. Okay.  Stop shaking your head(s).

I’m going to write this year. I work as a grant writer.  So I could make the case that by writing grants, I’m writing.  But the kind of gargantuan vagueness in my New Year’s resolution, if applied to my grant writing, would get me nowhere and my successful grants would be as rare as a seat on a NYC subway during rush hour.


I’m going to write this year.  I’m tired of hearing it myself.  So I imagine that if you’re still with me on this blog post, it’s because you can’t even fathom where I’m going with this… but you’re curious enough to find out?

I’m going to write this year.  I’m now on the threshold of one thousand followers on Twitter. I was sure that this would motivate me to write.  I fantasize that my followers are my audience. I imagine them sitting in a theatre and waiting with baited breathe…because they read my blog and see my great potential as a writer! Even so, I can almost hear an undercurrent of “Is this guy ever going to write?” as my followers fidget in their seats.  And then I get nervous, because I know if they don’t see any writing from me soon, they’ll start to unfollow me faster than Eagles fans unfollowed them during the 2012 football season.


So I am going to write in 2013.  Starting two days from now. But my wife asked me why wait?  Why not start to write now?


But I tell her it’s New Year’s Eve…and tomorrow is New Year’s day…and then there is the Mummer’s Parade…and the Rose Bowl.  What’s another couple of days?  Hmmm…almost forgot, I have to go to work on the day after New Year’s day and…


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One thought on “My New Year’s Resolution: 5 Reasons for Writing

  1. Maketa on said:

    Hey John,
    I too have been trying to write my story, my books for many years. While I have so many ideas spinning around my head, my time, the limited, bustling, busy amount that I have, keeps me from something I have longed to do. Thanks for allowing some of us who are too tired to sleep, have a small glimpse in your world outside of work.

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