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Why is Wayne LaPierre Smiling?

Wayne LaPierre is not a moral philosopher.  The NRA is not an advocacy organization for the reduction of gun violence.

Wayne LaPierre is a salesman.  A lobbyist.  The NRA advocates for guns.

Wayne’s job isn’t to analyze the linkage between assault weapons and the slaughter of babies with assault weapons…

Wayne’s job is to lobby for gun dealers so nothing inhibits their ability to sell more assault weapons.


So let’s be fair to Wayne.  His job is to help gun dealers sell more guns and to ensure that Americans can buy all the guns they want.  Crime, it turns out, is Wayne’s LaPierre’s greatest alley.

And the media reporting crime, it turns out, is Wayne’s second greatest ally, even though he claims that the media demonizes the NRA.

The more crime;

The more fear;

The more exposure by the media;

The more people buy guns.

The more Wayne LaPiere smiles.

It’s not Wayne’s job to bring a sane voice to the alarming proliferation of guns in our society; it’s Wayne’s job  to be the mouthpiece for the proliferation of guns in our society.

This is Wayne just doing his job. 

So if you thought that Wayne would deliver a reasonable message that could help us understand the slaughter at Sandy Hook and how to prevent more Sandy Hooks, then I have a roller coaster sitting in the ocean  you might like to buy.


“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

This is Wayne just doing his job: Helping to sell guns.

And when every media outlet in the country carried Wayne LaPierre’s speech last Friday, they helped him do his job in a way that all the millions that the NRA spends on lobbying and marketing could never do.

Columbine…. Virginia Tech…. Aurora…. Sandy Hook  =  record gun sales.

This is why Wayne LaPierre is smiling. He’s just doing his job.


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3 thoughts on “Why is Wayne LaPierre Smiling?

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  2. Excellent, John. Absolutely true. Would that everyone could see this truth.

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