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Cave Men in our Midst?

You have to be a blockhead male not to see that as the societal restraints upon women ease, they excel – check out the triumphs of our Olympic team if your entrenched macho ways still have you blind.  The continuing progress of women is good for our society and the world.

My wife is a microcosm of this development: She’s accomplished in her work as an educator, successful in her academic trajectory toward the highest credentials that our society bestows in her field, and sublime in her artistic expression.  And she raised three children who are educated and productive in very distinct ways.

Yet in this era of the flowering of women, in this time when women stand at the frontier of equality with men and together can build a better life for all on this tiny speck of dust we call earth, we still have to cope with reactionary forces that resist change.

Who are they?  They are the cave men in our midst. Stripped of the wooden club of the cave man, they now wield the club of legislative force.  They’ve always been there. Only their names have changed. They once screamed that we would be doomed if women were allowed to vote.  They once warned of chaos if women joined the military.

They question “legitimate” rape; in their anti-abortion fanaticism they refuse to make exceptions even for rape and incest; and they scream about keeping the government out of our lives while at the same time they want to intrude into the very essence of womanhood by legislating control of their reproductive systems. Like Custer, it’s their last stand.

They are unwilling to understand that rape is rape.  That control is control. That inequality is inequality.  They are so threatened by women, so intimidated by their assent that they want to control women through moral dictums of right and wrong.

And what do they use as justification? The Bible. The Word of God. They quote passages from an ancient book crafted by men and purported to be the literal word or inspiration of a masculine god.

They want to lead us.  They want to reshape our society.  They want the “happy days” of the 50s.

How do we stop them?

It’s simple: Don’t put them in office. Don’t give them the power. Don’t vote for them.


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One thought on “Cave Men in our Midst?

  1. The Ancients had “Warrior Queens” that lead tribes. USA is one of the few countries that never had a women as a leader. Look up warrior in the dictionary and the definition is in the masculine. I believe that women in power would be bipartisan and cut thru the bull! Maybe support the troops out of Afghanistan.

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