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Should the Dalai Lama Referee the Debates?

I posted this on April 30, 2012. But since the presidential debates are around the political corner and sure to be a circus, I thought my message bears repeating.

I just tweeted the Dalai Lama to ask if he could run for the presidency. Yes, he is on Twitter.

If he agrees, I would tweet Congress to ask it to waive the citizenship requirement. Then we wouldn’t have Trump demanding that he prove his American citizenship.

I’m now following the Dalai Lama on Twitter. I know he’s a busy man and he has more than four million followers, so I really don’t expect a response.  But if ever we needed an enlightened person to intervene in the “sandbox” fighting of American politics, we need it right now!

It’s strange, because on one hand, the Dalai Lama in the Twitter world sounds like an oxymoron.  It’s as mystifying as the Zen expression of “One Hand Clapping.”  The spiritual leader from the highest country in the world, living in exile, using the 140-character vehicle to spread his message of peace and understanding?   On the other hand, it shows his enlightenment extends to 21st century technology.

On Piers Morgan last night, he talked about the upcoming presidential election. He said that America belongs to the American people and not to the democratic or republican party. CAN SOMEONE TELL THEM THAT???

That’s why we need him to run for president.  We want honesty and integrity…truth in our political discourse. Argue the real issues…not the caricatures of the candidates created by Super PACs

 On second thought, even if he doesn’t want to run for President, let him referee the debates.  He would extract the political “nakedness” of the candidates.

The Dalai Lama as Referee

Then we would understand the Zen wisdom of one hand clapping:

What you are, 

or what you know,

or what you believe,

is what you get.

Isn’t that what we deserve from those who would purport to lead us? When will we, as a people, demand it?


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2 thoughts on “Should the Dalai Lama Referee the Debates?

  1. Well said! We do need a third party…..
    for the Middle Class…..maybe people will wise up to that now.

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