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Why Adams and Jefferson are Crying

Today is Flag Today.  How many people even know it?  So I’m here to remind us, in this age of partisanship, where people can’t seem to discuss differences civilly.

This is what we should remember:

It took a gargantuan effort to unite thirteen colonies that had massive differences and local interests into one country.  Doesn’t that achievement, that vision to put aside differences for a common purpose, dwarf the differences we argue about today?

Adams and Jefferson, worlds apart in their political philosophies and adversaries to the point of personal insults, remembered their common vision for the creation of this country when they were out of politics.  They would say to us put aside your petty squabbles and remember the vision – now.

But have we lost the ability to work toward a common purpose instead of getting “stuck” in selfish interests?  Looking around, the answer can only be yes.


 How can we stop Adams and Jefferson from crying…unless we act?


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2 thoughts on “Why Adams and Jefferson are Crying

  1. Laura Frugone on said:

    Thank God someone has finally reminded all of us how lucky we are to have been born here, in America. Too often the Conservatives or the Liberals try to jam their point of view down our throats with complete disregard for what is best for this country. I applaud you Mr. Paterna for taking this issue to the people and pray everyone thinks deeply about your words.

  2. Well thank you so much Mrs. Frugone!

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