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I Won’t Have Another

Scratch “I’ll have Another” from the Belmont Stakes.  Too bad.  I was looking forward to the drama of a triple crown attempt.  Honestly, it’s the only reason I would watch the race.  I’m sure many people feel as I do.  I can imagine the groans from NBC executives when the owner of I’ll Have Another made the announcement.

I know little about horse racing.  I don’t recall ever watching a race that wasn’t the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness or the Belmont stakes.  I’ve only been to the track about five times, mostly out of curiosity.  And I’m not a gambler.  But I do like to watch horses run.  I always wonder if they know they’re in a race?

Yet I know I’m an important fan.  I’m the casual viewer who swells the audience for an event like this.  People like me who care little about horse racing make the case for advertisers to advertise and make NBC stockholders happy.

But they know they have a tenuous hold on me.  The enticement of the Triple Crown keeps us ready to watch; the loss of this possibility means I’ll be playing with my dog when the race is on. She doesn’t care about horse racing either.

I came close to going to the Kentucky Derby when I was nineteen.  I was going to school in Tennessee and a few of my friends talked about making the one hundred mile or so trip to Churchill Downs.  We never made it.  In that year, a horse named Forward Pass won but was disqualified because a drug was discovered during the mandatory post race urinalysis.  Dancer’s Image won instead.

I only know this because I  “Googled” the information.  What else would you expect from a casual fan?

Sometime this evening, I will have gone to Google again to find out who won this year.


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