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Fahrenheit 451: Was Bradbury Wrong?

We mourn the passing of Ray Bradbury.  But with all due respect, I think he got it wrong in his futuristic novel Fahrenheit 451.

But you judge for yourself. We all know about the book burning.  But did you know that he made these predictions in the book:

We would become a populace numbed by non-stopped TV watching

…and a society bombarded with advertising.

He also warned against the dangers of mistaking television for real life…and the advent of seductively real shows.


…and he said that we would see all of this on huge wall-mounted TVs.

I just don’t see it. Yes…Bradbury was a great science fiction writer; but even great writers get it wrong sometimes.  I don’t know about you; but I think he was completely wrong in Fahrenheit 451.


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