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Are You a Social Media Expert?

There are as many social media experts in cyberspace as there are bedbugs in New York City.  I know it’s not an appealing analogy; but you get my drift.

I wrote to one expert the other day and said I would buy his book because his friendly face gave him an edge.  It’s the kind of superficial edge we give when we really don’t know enough about a subject, isn’t it?

When I was young, I learned how to play the guitar. Over the years, I became proficient enough to understand how much I didn’t know about playing the guitar.

I’m reaching that milestone (I think) with social media. My learning curves for guitar playing and social media are similar.  But here’s where they diverge:

No one bothered me if I wanted to play the guitar…unless I asked for help.  But as I meander in the Twitter World, advice seems to be part of the fabric of Twitter.  It “shouts” for my attention in tweets and retweets.

In the Twitter World, sometimes I feel like I’m looking up at the night sky while tweets of advice rain down on me like a barrage of meteors.

Yet there’s something that entices me and I keep coming back: Tweets, like fuel that propels a rocket into outer space, leads me to other worlds that interest me.  Once I started to explore those worlds, I was hooked.

As far as experts…well I believe they’re trying to gain a better understanding and at least some of their advice reflects this quest. We’re all learners, as my wife would say.

“So I suppose one definition of an expert would be someone who doesn’t admit out loud that he knows enough about a subject to know he doesn’t really know how much.”      Malcolm Forbes

So I’ll follow a strategy that always seems to work: I’m learning by doing.

And if I need a little nudge…well then, I can call upon an expert.  They’re always there, always looking for a host…like a bedbug?


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