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John Lennon Loved a Good Mattress

I believe John Lennon would be pleased that his tune “In My Life,” as the soundtrack of a Sleepy’s TV advertisement, is helping to sell beds.

After all, a good mattress is hard to find. And it would seem logical that when the Beatles were touring and John found a good hotel mattress, he would remember it and stay at that hotel again.  But alas…things change and cost-cutting measures may have forced hotels to buy cheaper mattresses. Is it possible that John noted this change in the lyrics of “In My Life?”

 There are places I remember

All my life, though some have changed

Like John Lennon, we are often nostalgic about the good things we find, and loose, in life.

We know that John was a humanist, so it is plausible that he would have approved In My Life’s role in selling good mattresses.  Don’t they improve the quality of life?

So the question to be asked is this: Did the Sleepy’s commercial offer the possibility that John was actually waxing nostalgic about that rare good hotel mattress instead of reflecting on his life?

Certainly more research is needed; but it’s enticing to think that John’s meditation on life really may have been a meditation on good hotel mattresses.

So thank you Sleepy’s, for in the pursuit of hawking your mattresses, you have shown yourself to be a good corporate citizen and a purveyor of truth – even if you don’t know it.

“In my life, I’ve loved them all.”

What was John Lennon talking about in this final line of In My Life?

Sleepy’s has taught us that we may never know the truth.


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