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I Think; Therefore I Brand


There is nothing more important than branding.  That’s what we’re told.  We all need a brand. We have to set ourselves apart from the masses that do what we do.

It goes something like this: Create a perception about yourself that you excel in something.  An expert.  The “go to” person when someone wants what you have.

You want a presence in the minds of people.  Like a flashing neon sign on a marquee in Times Square; Like the sky box of a multibillion-dollar corporation in a sports arena that you see when you look up.  That’s what you want. To be there, always.

How do you get there? Social media, of course. You want to draw people to you and what you do:

You want to be the Pied Piper, playing social media like a flute.

And how do you learn to play that flute and get to“Pied Piper status” in your specialty?

The good news is there’s plenty of advice out there.  Just Google branding.  The bad news?  There are more branding experts than there are people watching Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and The Voice combined.

 Will the real expert please stand up?

Let’s be positive though.  Let’s say you work diligently and achieve Pied Piper status.

Then you flourish: Throngs of people will follow you, trust you, and buy whatever it is you’re selling. You’re there. You’ve made it.

The world is at your door.

 Figuratively speaking, of course…Because in today’s world, the last place you want people is at your door.





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