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Baby Boomers and The Productive Life

There is an underlying notion that retiring means doing nothing and, even worse, waiting to die.  When you retire from work-for-pay, it doesn’t mean you retire from an active and meaningful life.

Does anyone really believe their self-worth depends on what they get paid to produce? It’s the dark side of capitalism and many of us succumb to this thinking – and its bullshit.

And when you think this way, your self-worth takes a dive.  Then you become part of the growing numbers of boomers who wallow in depression after they retire.

 …And only the pharmaceutical companies are smiling!

Just watch the TV commercials for depression: One shows people walking down the street with dark clouds over their heads.  Somber music completes the gloomy mood. It implores you to ask yourself:


Then a soothing, messianic-like female voice tells you about a miraculous pill that can change your life.  And if that pill isn’t enough, they have another pill that you can take on top of your primary pill.

Buy and swallow, buy and swallow and you’ll feel better

…And so will the pill makers as they reap windfall profits.

You have to take action to feel better.  Do things.  Take on a project. Take a walk to the park instead of the medicine cabinet.  Watch birds flying in the sky instead of on TV.  Volunteer for something in which you believe.

If you’re in for something radically different, go to a Tony Robbins event.  I did. You can’t be depressed while you’re walking on fire. It’s impossible.

And when you come back, you’ll be better equipped to stop “swallowing” the daily dose of crap we get about being too old and learn to think differently about what it means to live a productive life.


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