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The Debates and the Forked Tongue

My Wish:

A brilliant inventor creates a sophisticated lie detector that gets attached to the back of the skulls of President Obama and Mitt Romney when they debate.

When they are in question-answering mode, their heads start to glow.  If they answer truthfully, the glow stops.

But when one of the candidates launches into an answer that tends to orbit around the truth but doesn’t quite reach it, a lighted picture forms on his forehead – sort of like when the wrench appears on your car’s dashboard when it needs service.

But there’s no wrench here, only a cartoon character with a forked tongue:

And if the speaker circumvents the truth in wider concentric circles until his answer touches the outer reaches of a lie, the character takes on an anxious expression, the light becomes more intense and the speaker is caught with his pants down, as it were.

And if a candidate veers so far from the truth that he glides into the gravitational pull of a lie, a buzzer as loud as a smoke alarm goes off and drowns him out.

 …And Wolf Blitzer asks the same question again after the buzzer stops.

You may think my wish for the debates sounds outlandish; but so is the probability that we’ll hear anything in the atmosphere of the truth.


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2 thoughts on “The Debates and the Forked Tongue

  1. I wish they had this for the GOP debates! haha

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