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This is for Baby Boomers! Please do not read this IF…

you never had to get up off your ass and go to the TV to change the channel… because your chance of understanding what I’m going to write is remote.

you never had to hide under your desk in school to protect yourself from an atomic war… because you’ll be lost.

you never rode in a car without air conditioning in the summer …because what I write will blow through you like a hot wind.

you never hung a speaker from a car window at a drive-in theater…because you won’t hear what I’m saying.

you never made a call from a telephone booth…because you won’t get a dime’s worth of meaning from what I’m going to write.

you never watched a black and white TV…because you won’t be able to connect the dots of my words.

you think a slinky is a sex toy…because you’ll get no pleasure from my writing.

you think Sputnik is a Russian video game…because you’ll be “spaced out” by what I write.

you don’t know who Bob Hope was…then you have no hope of understanding anything I say here.

Now that it’s clear, I was about to say…


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2 thoughts on “This is for Baby Boomers! Please do not read this IF…

  1. …….that metamucil, HDL, LDL, Lipid profile,etc., are now an important part of your vocabulary!

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