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The Secrets of Grant Writing, Part II

An effective grant writer has to be a good storyteller…and the compelling story is the organization’s vision and mission, the plan of action, the qualified personnel and the method to assess the effectiveness of the grant project.

What you want the potential funder to believe is that your story can help it achieve its grant making goals.  Even better, you want the funder to think they can’t afford not to fund your program.  Grant writing is selling, pure and simple.

An effective grant writer has to synthesize a lot of information, both written and spoken, in a relatively short time from a variety of sources.  The preponderance of information will come from a small planning group of key people in your client’s organization and facilitated by the grant writer.  This is the crucial part of building a grant proposal and requires strong leadership from the writer.

Good writing skills are a prerequisite; but the ability to glean information and cajole the planning group into constructing innovative strategies is the paramount skill of an effective grant writer.

I’ve done a significant amount of grant writing and management of grants in schools. I always encourage the administration to position grant development as an integral component of organizational planning.

When the pursuit of grant funding is consistent with organizational planning, it improves prospect research, signals a strong commitment of purpose to potential funders and ultimately improves the probability of securing funding.

…An effective grant writer must excel at doing these things for your organization.


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