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7 Ways to Imagine a Democratically-Elected President

Imagine that the candidate who becomes our next President is the one who gets the most votes from Americans.

Imagine that the door to the Presidency is not through “battleground” states but through the democratic principle of majority rules?

Imagine that the costly, protracted state primaries suddenly become obsolete because there would be no need to win states to become President?

Imagine how fast the democratic and republican machines that thrive on delivering states to their party’s candidates would crumble if winning states didn’t matter?

Imagine that the Electoral College – an institution created by the Founding Fathers and the “Upper Crust” of infant America because they didn’t trust the common people – crumbled under the massive weight of its own injustice?

Imagine that every American vote counted equally?

Imagine that the United States of America finally became a democracy?


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