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Shakespeare Loves Facebook

I guess Shakespeare was right:  All the world is a stage.  And he didn’t know about Facebook.

I just wrote a note on Facebook to someone I knew in high school. We weren’t really friends; but our circle of friends sometimes overlapped, and during those times, we came close to friendship.  Because of Facebook, he’s on my “stage” of life again, albeit as an “extra.”

I realize as a newcomer to Facebook, that I can find people who were on stage in my life at various points and have long ago “exited stage left.”

I found a girl I dated briefly in 1971; she’s married and lives in Florida.  I found an old friend’s first wife who still lives in the town in which they lived in the 70s. She exited my stage a long time ago and while my old friend hasn’t quite exited, he’s walking fast in that direction.

But they remain on the larger stage of Facebook.  And through Facebook, I can request their return to my stage.  It’s like the central casting of Cyberspace.

They would return as extras, although they could be more. But the question for me – and for you – is why bring them back at all?

After all, we now have other important people on the stage of our lives and clutter is not conducive to telling a good story on stage.









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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Loves Facebook

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