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Baby Boomers: Children of the Greatest Generation

We’re the children of the Greatest Generation. We’re not senior citizens or active older adults or third-agers or any other euphemism intended to categorize us as standing on the precipice of our productive time on Earth.

We’re a helluva lot more than human sponges for information about how to retire, where to retire, how much money we’ll need to retire and where to get cheaper medicine.

Of course these issues are important; but we’re in danger of getting swallowed whole by the angst of aging and not seeing the collective value we have.  Retirement is like dying, except you can still walk around in an irrelevant daze. Is that what we’re going to accept?

“And by their underestimation of her, [her family] had relegated her to the murky, childlike world of old age.”

This was from a story I wrote about my great-grandmother.  She was an intelligent woman who was cast aside because she was old. Is it happening to us?  Are the children of the greatest generation on the verge of getting relegated to that murky, childlike world of old age?

I don’t think so.  We’re not going to be quiet and get out-of-the-way.  Look at what our parents did:  They sacrificed everything, a half a million gave their lives and they brought down a monstrous empire.

We can do similar feats. We’ve been a force through every stage of our lives, from fashion to music to food to changing the way people think – think Vietnam.  We’re the youngest “older” people in human history and we have a lot more to do.

It’s not only the young who can be idealistic and affect positive change.

It’s imperative, in our  “golden” years that we use the massive experience we have about living to make the world better.  We still have great contributions to make. In politics, we can no longer acquiesce to the Democratic or Republican Brands…and that’s what they are.  We have to remind them they work for and are part of us. Their arrogance has blinded them to this bedrock idea of democracy.

We have the clout, as the children of the Greatest Generation, to change the world. If we were willing to sacrifice as our parents did, imagine what we could do?

We have a common purpose…a reason to work together; and if we don’t, then we will be relegated to the murky, childlike world of old age.


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2 thoughts on “Baby Boomers: Children of the Greatest Generation

  1. You are so right, John. And if you do a bit of research on the accomplishments of many who are now over 60, I think you will find a very large population of acheiving individuals who lead happy and productive lives will into their 90’s. The media pushes a different vision on us to sell the products on which they want to convince us to be dependent. Nothing new, right? As avolunteer coordinator on Maui, matching volunteers with clients over 60 who need help remaining independent in their own homes, I find 80% of the volunteers are themselves over 60 and some of them help as many as 5-7 clients on a regular basis. We are every where, some just working quietly in happy lives doing what we feel is right to contribute to the world.

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