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Birthdays are the Building Blocks of Life

We didn’t have Legos when I was a kid.  My building blocks were playing cards.  First you built a wide foundation on the floor with the cards and then built each level up.

Every level was more fragile than the one below it.  You had to be creative and start bending and creasing the cards, which gave them strength so they would withstand the weight of the levels above them.

When you got up pretty high, you knew that a collapse would be imminent. You had to be steady as you laid cards on each level.  And each level was a success. Soon you were high enough to stand up – and that was a major milestone in your success.

Your steadiness was the key here. You knew that you were getting close to a ceiling, a limitation.  Even as a kid, you had an intrinsic sense of the interplay of gravity, geometry and physics – even though you had no idea what they were.

But you were determined to go higher.  As high as you could.  You pushed the inevitable back.  And, in fact, you knew you wouldn’t stop until your tower had to fall.  And in your supposed limited understanding, you understood that when it fell, it wasn’t failure.  You celebrated your accomplishment – and would start all over again.

Birthdays, like the cards, are the building blocks of life.  The higher you go, the more you achieve.  Life does become more fragile the older you get…and there is a ceiling, a limitation.

But like your tower building as a kid, you push on…in spite of the inevitable limitation.


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