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10 Reasons Not to Celebrate Your Birthday

Since I’m in the March birthday season for my family – my birthday, my brother’s, my wife’s, her brother’s – are all lumped in between March 7-9.

 And since we’re collectively older that the United States, I thought I would share some wisdom for baby boomers about why it might be better not to celebrate their birthdays:

10.  You have more years than your Cable TV has channels.

9.   You tell people you’re good at faces but can’t remember names.

8.   You didn’t do well in math so you can’t count that high.

7.   The trees in your yard are younger than you.

6.   You have to call the fire department to blow out the candles on your cake.

5.   You remember when you needed two hands on the steering wheel to turn a car.

4.   You’re closer in age to 100 than to 20.

3.   You’ve been alive 331, 768, 000 seconds if your 63.

2.  You search for your glasses and discover they’re on your head.

1.  Your high school yearbook picture looks like someone else

Any other suggestions….?


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One thought on “10 Reasons Not to Celebrate Your Birthday

  1. Yes…People now call you, Ma’am.

    Or, you hear, “You look great for your age!”

    And a news commentator announces that you are an “ollder gentleman/older woman” when referring to anyone over 50.

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