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I Can’t Do It…I Can’t Do It…I Did It!

“I can’t do it…I can’t do it…I did it!”

That’s a common trajectory of my thinking.  As Tony Robbins says: It’s the story we tell ourselves.   You think you can’t do it because you couldn’t do it in the past.  And to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle in “The New Earth,” only you can give the past power over the present.

It’s only after you do it that you lower the volume on I can’t do it.  And if you work at it, the volume gets so low you can’t here it anymore.

I never make New Year ‘s resolutions.  But this year, I decided I would do something that I knew I would never do: Stand up in front of an audience and try to make them laugh.  So I signed up for a Stand Up Comedy Workshop.

After two sessions, the I can’t do it…I can’t do it was back. That part of my brain began searching for the right rationalization to back out:

“The teacher just got a lucrative comedy gig in Moscow and was leaving immediately;”  they found mold in the auditorium – where the class was held – and would be closing it indefinitely.

Then I “kicked” the I can’t do it…I can’t do it in the proverbial butt and moved forward toward I did it, so I prepared for my third class….more to come.


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