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Who Cares about the Academy Awards?

I watched the Academy Awards last night.  I would immediately put it on life supports.

The preamble of Billy Crystal getting ready for the show was funny – it was all downhill from there, much like most of the skits on SNL.

The inane banter between presenters reached a new low.  Most of it made no sense and wasn’t the least bit funny.  Even the presenters often seemed embarrassed by the stupidity of the lines they had to say.

Billy Crystal was funny; but 15 minutes into the show, my brain was looking deep into the archives to find Bob Hope.

No doubt the dresses worn by the celebrities were beautiful…and the money they spent for this one night could have ended a famine and kept millions of children from starving to death. In my opinion, that was the real story.

It was an over publicized media event that even Billy Crystal said was about millionaires giving each other gold statues.  Who cares, really?

Some people will say the show was an escape for the economic woes of most Americans, a fantasy like movies themselves.

It certainly was a fantasy; but not a good kind. Instead it was a display of opulence, no less insensitive as the statement by Romney that his wife drives 4 cadillacs.






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2 thoughts on “Who Cares about the Academy Awards?

  1. Millionaires giving each other GOLD AWARDS! how un-inviting!
    what is it about people who think… we would enjoy millionaires making private jokes with each other and about each other.
    THIS is what the 1% looks like… they are not just on wall st.

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