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Love the Truth?

I read an article this morning from the Chronicle of Higher Education that teachers have to teach students how to find (and love) the truth in addition to academic learning, critical thinking, etc.

Now there’s a challenge: Find and love the truth in a world where people “wink” when they say it’s the truth.  Some examples:

  • The president of a large New Jersey university resorted to a “the dog ate my homework“ explanation after admitting that he misrepresentation his experience on his resume.  He denied that he did it and attributed it to his staff. This isn’t math: double lying (negatives) doesn’t equal a positive.
  •  Super PACS don’t stretch the truth; they place it on an interstate highway and crush it with 18-wheelers – repeatedly.
  •  School districts nationwide “fix” student standardized test scores to look better in the eyes of NCLB.
  • A presidential candidate calls global warming a hoax in spite of the mounting evidence. Among his supporters is the Flat Earth Society in London.
  • And Columbus continues to be celebrated even though we know that the first line of the famous poem: “

In Fourteen Hundred, Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue

Should be changed to:

 In Fourteen Hundred, Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and turned it red.

 How does a teacher teach the love of the truth when it is flaunted everywhere?

It’s an open question.









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