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Interviewing and Dart Throwing

Interviewing as a Career

I went on an interview yesterday.  I’d rather be home playing with my dog.  It’s not that I don’t need the work; it’s that I’ve been on so many interviews that I know that a decision in my favor is more likely a random event than the result of my high-powered performance.

Interviewing Decisions and Dart Throwing

Well it’s not exactly dart throwing; but I think decisions are made, especially when a couple of candidates appear to have an equal set of skills, like throwing darts. I once got a job because the interviewer – who was a history major in college – was sympathetic to other history majors like me.  It had nothing to do with my cover letter, my resume, or even me for that matter.  Like dart throwing?

During my interview yesterday, the interviewer made a laudable attempt to make the interview more than dart throwing: I was asked to write an opinion piece on what I viewed as the problems in education and what I would do to solve them.  I had a half hour.  Who could argue with that, since I am a grant writer and a prospective employer should be confident that someone with “writer” in his title should be able to write well?

The Fix is in from a Higher Realm

My mother-in-law has clout in the world of the higher realm.  Like Joe Namath in Super Bowl III, she guaranteed that I would get the job.  She called upon an organization that she supports with money to collectively pray for me.  As a result of a promise of another donation from my mother-in-law, they prayed for 24 hours straight and to prove it, they posted an excerpt on YouTube.   While it was pretty boring to watch, it did prove the point.

She called my wife and told her to tell me that “the fix is in” and that the job was mine.  Don’t laugh.  Prayers could alter the trajectory of the dart to ensure that it hit my name on the dartboard.

Who was I to argue with this strategy?  So I considered not going to the interview and playing with my dog, since the fix was in.  But even pray needs something to “stick to,” so I went to the interview.


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