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Valentines Day: Where are you, Mario Fronzoni?

No one is happier today than Hallmark Cards…and maybe Russell Stover. Even though the origin of the romance of Valentines Day is lost in a murky stew of rumors, legends and misinformation, no one really cares.

If people believe in something long enough, it becomes true, doesn’t it?  Besides, February’s claim to fame is Ground Hog Day, another case of rumors, legends and misinformation.

I know, what about Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays, you say?  Well where are they? We’ve expunged them from the calendar with the politically correct “President’s Day.”  What that tells me is that every president should be celebrated equally. So Abraham Lincoln and Millard Fillmore get equal billing…and so do George Washington and James Garfield (whose claim to fame, before being exalted by President’s Day, is being shot by a disappointed office seeker).

So clearly February needed something to compete with other months…and there you have it – Valentine’s Day.

But what I really think is significant about Valentines Day? it’s the birthday of my childhood friend (and third cousin), Mario Fronzoni.  Happy Birthday Mario!


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