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Involuntarily Retired

If you’re a Baby Boomer, there is one group you definitely don’t want to belong to: It’s call the “Involuntarily Retired.”  I heard it for the first time in the NewYork Times Sunday Review section today.

It wreaks of bad news.

You’re old.  Employers think of you as old.  Yeah, age discrimination is against the law.  Try to prove it. You have a better chance of replacing Ei Manning as the Giants quarterback next year.

You’re no longer middle aged .  In fact, you have to look through field glasses to see back to your middle years.

“They” want you to make room for younger workers. Inotherwords, go into the night and be quiet.

…and forget the gold watch.  When you’re a member of the involuntarily retired group, all you get is a free game of Bingo in the church of your choice. Atheists just get a 5% discount.


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One thought on “Involuntarily Retired

  1. johnnybonando on said:

    how true how true.

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