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In or Out of Bounds?

In Football,

It’s really clear cut these days: When you’re not sure if a player was in or out of bounds, you get another chance to look at it. Instant replay showed that Mario Manningham was in fact in bounds when he caught Eli Manning’s pass along the sidelines in the Super Bowl.  Problem resolved and then you move on.

In Politics,

It’s hard to say if a player (A.K.A., a candidate) is in or out of bounds, because we haven’t yet created a field with distinct markers that delineate in or out of bounds.

Oh, you say.  But that’s freedom.  You can’t restrict free speech.  It’s a free country. You can say anything you want.  I don’t think the founding fathers intended to protect lying in the first amendment.

And that’s the problem.  How do you determine lying from the truth?  How do you stop a Super Pac from saying anything they want about the opposition. Doesn’t it sound true because it’s on TV?

it’s not as simple as football and boundary lines, of course, but it can be done. And who can do it?  Only you and I.  Only we can transform the oligarchy of the rich and powerful into the democracy we think we really are but never were.

Will we do it eventually?  When I think of this, I remember the line in 1960s Country Joe and the Fish song “A Small Circle of Friends.” As I remember, someone is being mugged out side and the lyrics say “But Monopoly is so much fun I’d hate to spoil the game.” So no one helps the “mugee.”

Sad to say, nothing has really changed.  Coach potatoes can’t change the world.  It’s so much easier to keep watching “Dancing with the Stars.”


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2 thoughts on “In or Out of Bounds?

  1. the Founders also did NOT think Corporations could be counted as people… and money as speech… the distortion favors the rich and powerful… and leaves the rest of us to sink or….. well, just sink.
    The Oligarchy have the ball on the 10yard line… heading toward the end zone…. can they be stopped? Wisconsin may be the model we all should pay attention to. People not money should decide.
    oh… and he was out of bounds!!!!

  2. johnnybonando on said:

    Perhaps politicians are in bounds to those who like what they are stating and out of bounds to those who dislike what the politician is saying. A five point reduction in the “likley voter poll “is implemented if both those who like them and those who dislike the politician agree that they were out of bounds!

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